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2014-04-16 has added:  IPHR, KIBHR, TI, Nota Bene viewings: 25
New project launched in support of fundamental rights in Central Asia

These areas of human rights protection are currently characterized by serious and systematic violations in the target region.

2014-04-01 has added:  KIBHR viewings: 43
Let's wait for autumn

In the autumn of 2014 Kazakhstan for the second time will report to the Human Rights Council of the UN in the Universal Periodic Review. More than a dozen of Kazakhstani NGOs and NGO coalitions sent to the Working Group on the UPR their version of how the Kazakh authorities to implement the recommendations presented by the international community.

2014-01-15 has added:  KIBHR viewings: 163
Statement on ​​inadmissibility of extradition of Mukhtar Ablyazov

Mukhtar Ablyazov has been a political opponent of the Kazakh authorities; financed the radical opposition of Kazakhstan; supported mass media that strongly criticized the political system; provided assistance to public organizations opposing the regime.

2013-11-26 has added:  IPHR, KIBHR viewings: 238
The EU should focus on widening free speech crackdown at human rights dialogue with Kazakhstan

This week the EU will hold a new round of its human rights dialogue with Kazakhstan to take stock of developments since the last meeting in November 2011. International Partnership for Human Rights and Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law are asking the EU to prominently raise concerns about the widening crackdown on free speech and dissent seen in Kazakhstan during this period and to insist on measures by the authorities of the country to change course.

2013-11-11 has added:  KIBHR viewings: 190
New Report on respect for freedom of peaceful assembly in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The new Report covers period of October 2012- September 2013. Monitoring of peaceful assemblies and preparation of the report was possible thanks to financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and Embassy of Finland in Kazakhstan.

2013-10-07 has added:  Sergey DUVANOV, KIBHR, for Norwegian Helsinki Committee/Freedom House viewings: 274
Cunning democracy

Officially, the government of Kazakhstan does not recognize its own style of government as authoritarian. Government officials, as well as pro-government political commentators and analysts, categorically exclude the term when describing the current form of governance. Rather, they point to the presence in the country of formal institutions of democracy, and the declaration of certain principles, when attempting to prove the democratic nature of the Kazakhstani state, referring to Kazakhstan as a transitional democracy.

2013-10-01 has added:  Statement by IPHR together with the Human Rights Center Viasna, the Human Rights Club, Fiery Hearts Club, KIBHR, Nota Bene, Public Verdict Foundation, TIHR, Voice of Freedom Foundation viewings: 198
Joint HDIM statement on freedom of association

In many OSCE participating States today, non-governmental organizations are operating in an insecure and hostile environment. Especially organizations that criticize and challenge government policies, such as human rights NGOs are met with suspicion and mistrust and denounced as unpatriotic, traitors, national enemies and the like. These groups are also the main targets of repressive laws that restrict the opportunities of NGOs to receive funding (especially but not only foreign funding), obtain legal status, and conduct their activities in unimpeded ways.

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2014-04-17 has added:  By Gaziza BAITUOVA, IWPR viewings: 7
Changes to Kazakstan criminal law seen as threat to human rights

Rights activists and international organisations have stepped up their criticism over an ongoing overhaul of Kazakstans criminal code and associated laws.

2014-04-15 has added:  Central Asian NGO coalitions against torture, Polish Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, International Partnership for Human Rights viewings: 7
The OSCE should put torture prevention at the heart of its work on the human dimension

The NGO Coalitions against Torture in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan also urged their governments to focus on implementing their treaty obligations and recommendations by UN human rights mechanisms and procedures.

2014-04-09 has added:  Heiner BIELEFELDT, UN Special rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief viewings: 9
Statement by Heiner Bielefeldt on his visit to the Republic of Kazakhstan

Amain problem concerning the administration of religious registration is that non-registered religious groups can hardly exercise any collective religious functions in Kazakhstan. Any of their activities, even the common performance of prayers and rituals in private homes, are deemed illegal and can incur serious administrative sanctions. As well article 164 of the Penal code is a source of major concerns.

2014-03-18 has added:  European Parliament viewings: 26
Resolution on EU priorities for the 25th session of the UN Human Rights Council

In the new EU Parliaments resolution Kazakhstan was mentioned relatively Zhanaozen massacre and political repressions.

2014-02-13 has added:  Joanna LILLIS, Eurasianet.org viewings: 56
After sudden devaluation, Kazakhstan protesters besiege national bank

Protesters in Kazakhstans commercial capital, Almaty, forced their way into the National Bank on February 12 to confront the countrys top financial officials over the sudden devaluation of the tenge, which wiped a fifth off the value of the currency in one fell swoop the previous day.

2014-02-13 has added:  By Gaziza BAITUOVA, IWPR contributor in Kazakhstan viewings: 50
Kazakstan's returning diaspora find door less open

Kazakstans government is scaling down a programme designed to encourage diaspora Kazaks to return by offering them generous benefits, and it is replacing this with more pragmatic legislation.

2014-02-13 has added:  Global Voices Advocacy viewings: 51
Some Kazakh bloggers dine with mayor, some get jail terms
A court in Kazakhstan has sentenced three bloggers to 10 days in jail on minor hooliganism charges. Nurali Aitelenov, Rinat Kibraev, and Dmitry Shchyolokov were detained by police outside a restaurant in Almaty, where the city's mayor, Akhmetzhan Esimov, was meeting with selected bloggers on February 5.
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