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2015-01-28 has added:  Joint statement of Kazakhstani and International human rights organizations viewings: 3
Kazakhstan: Justice must prevail for torture victim Rasim Bayramov

Rasim Bayramov has struggled for justice for years. When domestic complaint mechanisms proved ineffective, he turned to the UN Committee against Torture, with the support of the Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and the Open Society Justice Initiative. On 14 May 2014, the UN Committee ruled under its Individual complaints procedure that Rasim Bayramovs treatment at the hands of police amounted to torture

2015-01-25 has added:  Andrey SVIRIDOV, the site editor (Bureau.kz) viewings: 15
Defend Kok Zhailau! An afterword to hearings

January 19 in Almaty hotel "Astana" have passed another hearing on the construction of the ski resort "Kok Zhailau". It was different from all previous hearings that took place in 2013 and 2014, by more than a scandalous situation. Participants of the hearings from the number of critics of the "Big Kok Zhailau" Project have experienced a number of methods and technologies from the field of "managed mass meeting" in the application of that were accused the organizers from urban governance and the provocateurs involved by them.

2015-01-17 has added:  Press message by Andrei GRISHIN, KIBHR journalist viewings: 21
"It is out of revenge for my civic- minded"

Having become a victim of apartment scams the Shakirganovs family from Astana lost their house. However, after failed to prove the illegality of judgments, family members have undergone a much more severe test.

2014-12-29 has added:  By Andrei GRISHIN, journalist of the KIBHR viewings: 48
Three - plus for the reaction to labor discrimination

About the success of the project against the vacancy announcements comprising the discriminatory motives in the campaign against labor discrimination, said the activists of the public association "Civil Defense". In this state agencies have received their fair "three-plus."

2014-12-27 has added:  By Andrei GRISHIN, journalist of the KIBHR viewings: 42
Benefits of bankruptcy

Two non-governmental organizations the fund "Society and Law" and the republican public association "Talmas" call the Kazakh parliamentarians to adopt not only the negative experience of Russian legislators, but also pay attention to the progressive initiatives.

2014-12-26 has added:  By Andrei SVIRIDOV, Bureau.kzs site editor viewings: 58
Pre New Years week begins: Authority persecutes magazine "Adam bol" (Be a man

The last workweek of December began in the press center of the Kazakhstan International bureau for human rights with a press conference. The theme of the press conference - the opportunity to finally close the opposition newspaper. On 20 November the Almaty district court handed down an injunction to stop the distribution and publication of the ADAM bol magazine.

2014-12-23 has added:  by KIBHR viewings: 51
Circumstances of torture and punishment in Kazakhstan

Below you can find a research conducted by the NGO Coalition Against Torture in Kazakhstan under the project Open Society Justice Initiative of "Open Society Institute". Conclusions and recommendations proposed in this research reflect the findings of the NGO Coalition Against Torture in Kazakhstan on a wide range of other similar cases.

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2014-12-25 has added:  By Gaziza BAITUOVA, an IWPR contributor in Taraz. viewings: 38
Kazak government falls silent on NGO law

As rights activists in Kazakstan warn of increasing pressure on civil society groups, the government appears to have stalled on negotiations about a draft law that critics say would restrict the work of non-government organisations.

2014-12-22 has added:  By Mushfig BAYRAM, Forum 18 News Service viewings: 34
No freedom of religion or belief "unless they have registration", Anti-Terrorism Police claim

Kazakhstan in defiance of its binding international legal obligations demands that groups of people can exist as a religious community and exercise freedom of religion or belief only if they have state permission. Permission to exist is gained via state registration, yet even this does not stop officials trying to stop people exercise this fundamental human rights.

2014-12-18 has added:  By Viktoriia ZHUHAN, Open Dialog Foundation viewings: 35
The opening of the photo exhibition Zhanaozen - Maidan: The chronicle of protests, suppressed by shooting

In Kiev, a photo exhibition was opened to mark the anniversary of the shootings at the peaceful protest in the city of Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan. The exhibition will be open from 12 December, 2014 to 21 December, 2014.

2014-12-18 has added:  by Belén FERNÁNDEZ, Al Jazeera viewings: 34
Kazakhstans illusion of progress

With backing from the West, Nursultan Nazarbayev's human rights record has gone unquestioned.

2014-12-17 has added:  By Meredith KUCHEROV, Human Rights First viewings: 34
Olympic principle six ruling: good news for LGB, Not T

Now, thanks to that decision, 2022 winter games host contenders China and Kazakhstan will have to take note. China received harsh criticism on its human rights record during the 2008 Olympics. Kazakhstan has plans to introduce a Russia-inspired propaganda bill banning public expression related to homosexuality and to bar known LGBT people from holding public office or serving in the military.

2014-12-15 has added:  By Felix CORLEY, Forum 18 News Service viewings: 35
One three-year jail term, 5 or 25 more to follow?

Secrecy surrounds Kazakhstan's criminal trials of members of Muslim missionary movement Tabligh Jamaat. Mamurzhan Turashov was given a three-year prison term on 2 December, but neither the court, the prosecutor, the Judicial Expertise Institute which conducted "expert analyses" of religious books seized from him, nor his defence lawyer were willing to make the verdict public.

2014-11-30 has added:  by Joanna LILLIS, Eurasianet.org viewings: 33
President Nazarbayev paints rosy picture of human rights

Kazakhstan does not persecute political opponents or attack freedom of expression, President Nursultan Nazarbayev has avowed, fending off awkward questions from journalists during a December 5 visit to Astana by his French counterpart, François Hollande.

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