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2015-03-20 has added:  CA NGO Coalition Against Torture viewings: 44
Third issue of joint Bulletin of the Central Asian NGO Coalition Against Torture

The main theme of 3rd issue of the bulletin is shrinking space for NGOs in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan on basis of negative experience of Russia.

2015-02-27 has added:  Editorial team Bureau.kz viewings: 78
"We are limited to the right to protection!"

The amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure that was made last year have already made a lot of confusion in the work of the courts and especially the defenders. Not only that citizens opportunity to represent their interests in the courts was lowered, and judges did not understand the amendments or interpreted them in fits and starts.

2015-02-27 has added:  Joint statement by IPHR, NHC, KIBHR viewings: 94
Kazakhstan: Court upholds newspapers closure over Ukraine coverage

The Almaty City Court yesterday upheld the closure of the outspoken ADAM bol magazine over an article about the conflict in Ukraine. We condemn this decision as another serious blow to freedom of expression and media pluralism in Kazakhstan.

2015-02-23 has added:  The Bureau.kz website editorial viewings: 84
Left for the autumn

The main issues of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on how to respect the right of childhood in our country, will be converted in the fall to the official delegation of Kazakhstan. The questions is will Astana be left for the Second year after that.

2015-02-21 has added:  Andrey GRISHIN, journalist of the KIBHR viewings: 81
No law, no compassion

The situation of Shamaev family from Kapchagaiy town is as hopeless as is typical to Kazakhstan because in similar conditions have to be hundreds, if not thousands of other families.

2015-02-20 has added:  Andrey GRISHIN, journalist of the KIBHR viewings: 96
The fourth side of a square of lawlessness

Almaty social activists completed the construction of the "square of lawlessness".  If earlier as sides were the police, prosecutor's office and judges, then during a joint press conference of the "Society of Young Professionals of Kazakhstan", movement "Justice" and the NGO "Talmas" speakers stated that there is still one problem dishonest notaries.

2015-02-05 has added:  Andrey GRISHIN, journalist of the KIBHR viewings: 123
The atheist Kharlamov on freedom, but his criminal case lives its life

The Ridder journalist unbound in September, 2013 and the human rights activist Alexander Kharlamov accused of kindling of religious discord stays on freedom. However, his case isn't closed, it is under recognizance not to leave, and the consequence for all this period couldn't find to him new article of charge.

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2015-02-11 has added:  By Igor SAVCHENKO, The Open Dialog Foundation viewings: 118
The case of Artur Trofimov: political persecution of an ally of the Kazakh opposition

Artur Trofimov is accused in a Russian criminal case against Kazakh opposition politician Mukhtar Ablyazov. As in the case of Tatiana Paraskevich and Ablyazov himself, Kazakhstan is striving to get Trofimov through a Russian extradition request. Austria refused to extradite Trofimov to Russia and granted him additional protection. However, within the framework of international cooperation in the field of criminal investigation, Austrian prosecutor's office opened a case on Trofimov and is considering the charges brought by the Russian investigation agency. To Russia and Kazakhstan, Trofimov is an important source of information about the activities of oppositionist Mukhtar Ablyazov.

2015-02-08 has added:  By Gaziza BAITUOVA, an IWPR contributor in Kazakstan viewings: 82
First prosecution for Internet hate speech in Kazakstan

The trial of a woman accused of using Facebook to incite ethnic tensions has split public opinion in Kazakhstan and reignited debate about its relationship with neighbouring Russia.

2015-02-06 has added:  By Mushfig BAYRAM and Felix CORLEY, Forum 18 News Service viewings: 70
Former rehab centre residents

Protestant-run drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres have been repeated targets of official harassment. The moves appear to be part of a behind-the-scenes official campaign against communities regarded as "non-traditional", especially those running social projects.

2015-01-31 has added:  Maina KIAI, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly viewings: 92
Statement at the conclusion of the visit to the Republic of Kazakhstan

I must state that I am deeply disappointed by an incident that has left me very worried about the safety of individuals I met during my trip, and generally concerned about the situation of human rights in Kazakhstan.

2014-12-25 has added:  By Gaziza BAITUOVA, an IWPR contributor in Taraz. viewings: 113
Kazak government falls silent on NGO law

As rights activists in Kazakstan warn of increasing pressure on civil society groups, the government appears to have stalled on negotiations about a draft law that critics say would restrict the work of non-government organisations.

2014-12-22 has added:  By Mushfig BAYRAM, Forum 18 News Service viewings: 130
No freedom of religion or belief "unless they have registration", Anti-Terrorism Police claim

Kazakhstan in defiance of its binding international legal obligations demands that groups of people can exist as a religious community and exercise freedom of religion or belief only if they have state permission. Permission to exist is gained via state registration, yet even this does not stop officials trying to stop people exercise this fundamental human rights.

2014-12-18 has added:  By Viktoriia ZHUHAN, Open Dialog Foundation viewings: 117
The opening of the photo exhibition Zhanaozen - Maidan: The chronicle of protests, suppressed by shooting

In Kiev, a photo exhibition was opened to mark the anniversary of the shootings at the peaceful protest in the city of Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan. The exhibition will be open from 12 December, 2014 to 21 December, 2014.

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